Anusha Jagannath
Founder & Managing Director
A note from the founder

Learn, Buy, Enjoy!

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It is an incredible experience for us. The thirst for exploring and learning all forms of art has resulted in this humble effort. We believe that behind every product there is some art involved. By providing this art, we wish to serve as many customers as possible. Thanks for visiting us. We are sure it would be an unforgettable one! We are here to sell, advertise and promote. A lot of digital marketing enthusiasts also work here as freelancers and learn a lot !


Team Members

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Dhanashri S Pendse
Mrs. Dhanashri S Pendse
LinkedIn Manager & Website Content Creator
Akhila Uday
Mrs. Akhila Uday
Website Content Creator, Poster Designer, Head- eMail Marketing & Accounts
Mr. Suraram Gautham Prasad
Social Media Manager
Lakshmikanth S
Mr. Lakshmikanth S
Product Data Manager & Banner Creator
Soumya A
Mrs. Soumya A
Manager- YouTube Channel
Akshaya R Arun
Ms. Akshaya R Arun
Blog Partner

T : +91 94448 40878

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Our mission is to give a platform to every local, hidden/established talent to touch the everyday lives of people. We deliver the Meraki makings to your doorstep.


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