Privacy Policy

Kalaashcharya collects optional account details from customers and the data on the site is kept secure. Since we offer to inquire about this option the customer or visitor of this site does not save his personal data like a phone number or billing address. Even if it is required to save, through our web encryption we ensure complete web security.

Shipping Policy

The shipping address provided by you will be given to the artist/ vendor who will in turn ship the product to your house. Kalaashcharya does not ship the product. It will be directly sent by the artist/ vendor. Hence Kalaashcharya does not take any responsibility for product damage. The liability of the product is entirely in the hands of the artist/ vendor.

Returns & Refund Policy

Once an order is placed on the site, we get you in touch with the artist or the vendor selling the product. So in case of returning the product, the customer can directly return it to the artist/vendor. Similarly, if you wish to get the refund under the cases of a canceled order or a damaged product you will directly get the amount from the artist/vendor of the product.

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Our mission is to give a platform to every local, hidden/established talent to touch the everyday lives of people. We deliver the Meraki makings to your doorstep.


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